Tips to Create a Pollinator Friendly Garden

Want to create pollinator habitat in your neighbourhood? Plant native: Choose native plants, trees and shrubs rich in pollen and nectar. Locally grown and pesticide free are best. Provide continuous bloom: Pollinators need a continuous source of pollen and nectar so select a variety of plants that will bloom from spring to fall. Mass plantings: Planting multiples of … More Tips to Create a Pollinator Friendly Garden

Wild Bee ID

Today, we’re thrilled to launch Wild Bee ID — a groundbreaking new website and app available on iPhones and Androids to help you protect our rapidly-dwindling pollinator populations right in your own backyard. Wild Bee ID identifies wild bees native to North America with striking photographs, the scientific and common names of the bee, where they’re typically found, what behaviors they exhibit, and which … More Wild Bee ID