Neonics are climbing up the food chain!

Global activist group ‘Sum Of Us‘ has released a startling report indicating the lethal impact of neonicotinoid pesticides on birds. The dangerous chemicals, known to cause an increase in the rate of honey bee deaths, were found to increase the death of birds in several parts of the world. So what does this mean? Neonicotinoids are not restricted to … More Neonics are climbing up the food chain!

The “barehanded” beehive relocators of India!

Speaking of saving the bees, we came across this video from India the other day about a man who is simply known as “Mr.Karthik”. A native of West Bengal, he has a wonderful ability to remove beehives with his bare hands, at the request of concerned city-dwellers.  The video shows the man scraping the bees away from the hive … More The “barehanded” beehive relocators of India!

National Geographic’s Honey Bee Day Picture Jamboree!

National Geographic’s photography is second to none worldwide, thanks to the world renowned photographers on it’s team. Celebrating National Honey Bee Day on August 15th, the magazine’s website published this beautiful gallery of bees and beekeepers from around the world, revealing at once the grandeur of these amazing creatures. A man in Bangladesh uses smoke to subdue wild honeybees and … More National Geographic’s Honey Bee Day Picture Jamboree!

How to attract more bees!

For everyone out there, from gardener to beekeeper, here’s a few flowers that will not only look good but will also attract more bees to your backyard. These ornamentals could even provide a pit stop for the bees, should they become fatigued during their daily rounds.

Natural bee vaccine

In a recent study researchers discovered how bees naturally vaccinate their young. This may prove to be useful in creating the first bee vaccine. Scientists can begin to build bee resistance to the factors that have caused colony collapse disorder across the globe for years. This research was aided by previous studies into bee culture and with the collaboration of Arizona … More Natural bee vaccine