Can Honeybees Monitor Pollution?

The tiny pollinators are useful sentinels of what’s going on in an ecosystem, and might just be environmentalists’ best asset. An apiarist tends to beehives at Hastings Urban Farm in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. (Courtesy M. Amini) By Rachel Kaufman It’s a sunny day, and Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighborhood is buzzing. Commuters are commuting, delivery trucks are delivering, … More Can Honeybees Monitor Pollution?

The “barehanded” beehive relocators of India!

Speaking of saving the bees, we came across this video from India the other day about a man who is simply known as “Mr.Karthik”. A native of West Bengal, he has a wonderful ability to remove beehives with his bare hands, at the request of concerned city-dwellers.  The video shows the man scraping the bees away from the hive … More The “barehanded” beehive relocators of India!