Neonicotinoids and what’s going on in the UK

There have been numerous reports, like the one below by the BBC, that neonnicotinoids are a factor in colony collapse disorder.

The British Government was so moved by this evidence that they, along with the EU, banned it’s use on crops. Now it has come out that the ban means that crops, especially the oilseed rape crop, are being hit hard.

This reversal of the ban will lead to unknown numbers of bees being affected. It is clear that something needs to be done, but money for research into new pesticides that affect bees less is limited. Companies know that they will make money off of their neonicotinoid pesticides and are not willing to compromise. Here at save the bees concert we hope to funnel any funds we can get, into this vital research. We want to find a way that crops can grow and bees can buzz around happily.

Let’s band together and concentrate our efforts to help our black and yellow friends.

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