Should Our Tax Dollars Be Used to Protect Monsanto and Syngenta?


One of the world’s top bee scientists has been suspended for publishing research on bee-killing pesticides.

Jonathan Lundgren was an award-winning scientist for 11 years with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But once he started publishing data linking pesticides to bee and butterfly die-offs, he was ordered to stop talking.

When he refused, he was suspended.

Now Jonathan is fighting back. He’s filed a whistle-blower complaint to make sure that corporations can’t get away with gagging science.

Governments are making it increasingly difficult for qualified scientists like Jonathan Lundgren and his bee scientist colleagues to freely speak their truth without harassment. Those very governments are burning the candle from both ends. Wanting to create a warm and fuzzy public image they claim to want to help the bees but, at the same time, also want to benefit from the billions of potential tax revenue received form the chemical companies whose insecticide products are killing the bees.

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