Urgent email traverses the globe in an attempt to rescue the bees and ourselves at the same time

The following pleading email has been sent around the world, in petitioned format, encouraging people of conscience to speak out against the potential travesty of a buy out by Bayer of Monsanto, one of the biggest chemical corporations in the world.

“Breaking news: We just found out that Bayer is definitely moving forward on its plans to buy Monsanto.

If Bayer succeeds, we are facing a giant, international mega-corporation with total control over nearly everything we eat: the biggest seed company and pesticide company all rolled into one.

This would spell disaster for our bees and vulnerable farmers. It’ll usher in a new era of sterile crops soaked in cancer-causing pesticides.

If the deal is successful, this mega corporation will completely dominate the agricultural market, giving it almost total control of the most important aspects of our food supply.

And at the centre of Bayer and Monsanto’s corporate agribusiness model is the indiscriminate, widespread use of pesticides linked to the massive global beedie-off.

That is why we need to stop this deal from happening right now.

Here are some of the things we could do — but only if you can donate today:

  • initiate anti-trust lawsuits in the European Union and in the United States
  • work with shareholders of Bayer to rally big investors who are concerned about Monsanto’s bad reputation in the agricultural sector
  • mobilise citizens in Bayer’s home country Germany, where political leaders are already under massive pressure because of our campaign to ban Monsanto’s glyphosate in Europe

This new merger being discussed right now could be even worse.

Once a merger like this goes through, it’s often impossible to undo the damage — we need to act now to nip this merger in the bud.

Monsanto is giving us a taste of what it does when it doesn’t get its way. Right now in Argentina, it’s withholding new soybean seed technology from farmers — the country’s biggest cash crop — because it doesn’t want oversight from the Argentinian government.

It’s likely that this giant new mega-company will use its size to “influence” more governments and people with their shady tactics. Let’s make sure they don’t get away with that. ”




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