SumOfUs, an internationally recognized watchdog group, is sending out hundreds of thousands of emails warning of new, bee extinction issue.

“Bees are dying off so quickly that scientists are now warning they could go extinct. That’s why we fought so hard to convince the French Parliament to ban bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides.

But now corporate interests are doing everything they can to block the ban from going into effect.

Already, more than 300,000 bee colonies have died in France. Annual mortality rates have been as high as 80%. And in 2014, overall bee production crashed to its lowest level in 20 years.

We know why pesticide companies like Bayer want to keep making bee-killing pesticides in order to make money. But we can’t let these big money corporations overturn our victory.

First, the pesticide companies filed a lawsuit to stop France’s neonics ban, arguing that it goes against the principles of free enterprise and EU rules.

The only problem is that aren’t any “principles of free enterprise” — and the ban is entirely allowed under European law.

It was just a tactic to delay the neonics ban even longer so more and more bees could get sprayed with the toxic chemical. That’s why their suit got thrown out, but it’s just the beginning of their attacks and delay tactics.

SumOfUs members have been at the forefront of the struggle for our bees for years now, and we’ve won some incredibly unlikely victories. It just goes to show how strong people-power really can be.

So what do you say — will you show support to France for its neonics ban and help us fight back with this crucial campaign?”

Thanks for all that you do,
Paul and the team at SumOfUs


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