Tom Kruesel writes in: “As an urban beekeeper,

Tom Kruesel writes in: “As an urban beekeeper, I can see some validity in the concern over competition between honeybees and native bees and wasps. (Many of which are also pollinators.) However, my personal experience has been the exact opposite. When I started keeping bees, I also started planting massive amounts of flowers in my yard and on the city boulevard. As a result, I have counted 15 different pollinators that, in my previous 10 years at the same address, I had never seen. And I rarely see any honey bees on the flowers in my yard that are visited by the bumblebees. Bumblebees (easiest to see) seem to wax and wane from year to year, but this year — my fourth with honeybees — thebumblebee population seems to have exploded.”

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