BREAKING NEWS: This year’s bee die-off numbers were just reported.

They show beekeepers lost 44 percent of their colonies. This makes 2019 the second-worst year for bees since the surveys started almost 15 years ago.


Bees pollinate 75% of our food crops. With their populations rapidly declining —

largely thanks to toxic pesticides — we need all hands on deck to protect them

and other pollinators.

Kroger, the largest traditional grocery chain in the United States, must step up

and do more to protect these vital creatures. We all need to demand Kroger

commit to stop selling food grown with toxic pesticides to protect bees.

Call write or email Kroger: Demand that it stop selling food grown with 

bee-toxic pesticides!

As you read this, Kroger’s shareholders and its company leadership are gathering

for the company’s annual meeting. But pollinator protection is completely missing

from the agenda!

We know Kroger can do better. And we know the company listens when enough

of us act. Thanks to pollinator activism, Kroger has already established a pollinator

policy. It acknowledged that pollinators must be protected. In the policy, it committed

to stop selling live outdoor plants grown with bee-toxic neonicotinoid pesticides,

encouraged farmers to move away from using toxic pesticides and towards alternative

pest management, and supported the expansion of bee-friendly organic foods.

But its policy doesn’t go far enough. It doesn’t include any clear, time-bound

commitments to stop using pollinator-toxic pesticides. And without pollinators,

Kroger’s shelves would be pretty empty.

We have the company’s attention — but together we must ramp up the pressure and

demand Kroger kick toxic pesticides out its supply chain.

Take action now: Call Kroger to say you want it to stop selling food grown with

toxic pesticides immediately!

From butterflies, to bees, to children, to farmworkers and rural communities, we’re

feeling the impact of toxic pesticides on our environment and our health. We need to

get these poisons out of our food system and out of our environment.

As the largest traditional grocery store in the U.S., Kroger has the power to make our

food system healthier and safer for pollinators — and all of us. But it will take a

groundswell of outrage from consumers like you, Joel, to pressure Kroger to improve

its pollinator and pesticide policy.

Together, we can protect both people and pollinators from the toxic pesticides used to

grow the food Kroger sells.

Make a quick call or send an email NOW: Tell Kroger to protect people and our 

planet from toxic pesticides!

Standing with you,
Kendra Klein, PhD,

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