The numbers are in: Beekeepers faced their second highest losses in 14 years this past year.

The situation is dire with massive bee die offs — largely thanks to the continued use of bee-killing pesticides. Thankfully, the Saving America’s Pollinators Act (SAPA) would put a stop to these toxic chemicals. Scientists have warned that further decline of bees and other insects could lead us to a “collapse of nature’s ecosystems.” Currently, 40 percent of wild bees and other essential pollinators are at risk of extinction and pesticides are a key driver. The numbers show the problem is only getting worse. Joel, will you join us and demand Congress take action now?



Help save the bees: Demand that Congress ban bee-killing pesticides today!


Unfortunately, rampant neonic use is driving alarming bee die-offs, and Congress has done nothing to stop it.

Our recent study found U.S. agriculture is now 48 times more toxic to insect life than it was 25 years ago,

and neonicotinoids are mostly to blame.Bees and other pollinators are vital to our food system.

They pollinate two-thirds of the food we eat every day — from almonds to zucchinis and everything in

between. Without bees, a lot of our healthy and favorite foods would be hard to come by. Sadly,

neonics aren’t just driving record bee losses. Recent studies show that these pesticides make songbirds

lose weight and delay migration, which is especially concerning since more than half of all songbird

species are in decline. This pesticide is pushing our planet’s precious wildlife closer to extinction. SAPA

would be a huge boon for bees and other pollinators. But the pesticide industry is lobbying hard to

prevent Congress from taking action. Now, your legislator needs to know engaged environmentalists

like you are watching. Let them know we won’t stand by while they let bees die!

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